Our Menu - Wings, Fingers, and Tacos
Chicken Wings
A Buffalo original with tangy hot, medium, mild or try our barbecue style wings.
Includes crispy celery sticks, and bleu cheese dip
Wings by the Piece
(for those who want less than 10 wings, bleu cheese is extra)
Single Order (10 Wings)
Double Order (20 Wings)
Triple Order (30 Wings)
Bucket (50 Wings)

Chicken Fingers
Includes crispy celery sticks, and bleu cheese dip.
5 Pieces
10 Pieces
Extra Celery Stix
Extra Bleu Cheese

Children Delights
Boneless Chicken Nuggets  (10 pieces)
Dino Eggs A meatball dipped in sauce, wrapped in our homemade pizza dough & cooked 'golden brown' (1 Dino Egg) - side sauce upon request

Soft Shell Tacos
Includes lettuce, cheese & tomatoes.
Steak Taco 
Turkey (Diced Sliced Turkey)
Chicken Finger 
Chicken Strip (marinated strips) 
Sour Cream or Peppers 
Cheddar Cheese 

Side Orders
Hot Poppers  5 pieces, breaded Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese
Curly Q's 
Mozzarella Stix  5 sticks per order with sauce on the side
Pizza Logs  5 sticks per order with sauce on the side. Cheese & Pepperoni rolled in a flat crust

Quesadilla's (4 Wedges) CHICKEN * BEEF* STEAK * CHEESE    


Potato Skins (5 Pieces)


Onion Rings


Chicken Noodle Soup per bowl
Minestrone per bowl
Pasta E Fagioli per bowl
Fried Dough (Powder Sugar OR Cinnamon & Sugar)
Cookie (homemade)

Please verify pricing at the time of placing your order…Prices are subject to change without notice.